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CSC Rwanda - Consultancy and Services Company Limited (CSC Ltd)


Competences CSC Ltd works with clients in long-term engagements to produce significant, measurable and sustainable improvements in client performance and client capabilities; At CSC Ltd, we achieve the highest impact with clients that work with our consultants in a long-term relationship centered on the joint realization of quantified performance targets and on the development of specific capabilities across the entire organization – across business units, functional levels and countries in East Africa. Our values are also contributing to our success and growth. These ethical values are: Confidentiality – Professionalism – Quality – Trustworthiness – Fairness.


Going above and beyond is our almost inspiration and at CSC Ltd we value our clients and stakeholders. We treat everyone’s business like our own and here at CSC Ltd we serve SMEs and Corporations in needs of technical and business strategy services. Industry Our staff and consultants are professionals and practitioners. They are people who master and understand the strategic, operational and regulatory issues that affect your organization. CSC Ltd serves professional companies in various sectors including: Construction companies; Banking and Financial Sector; General business sector; Apartments and Hotel Sector; Tourism and Travel Agencies; Heath Industry; Entrepreneurial start-ups; Dealerships

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